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July 30, 2019

  • Flex Your Head — July 30, 2019
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  • deadsure “Ch. 1/ Ch. 2″ - From Your Head To Your Sacrum
    Intensity “Silence = Consent” - Wash Off The Lies
    Rejection Pact “Nothing Man” - Threats To The World
    Drain “Army Of One” - promo
    Ghaul “Nothing Left” - demo
    Faim “It Follows” - s/t
    Fuze “Tick Tock” - demo
    Terminal City Rats “The Lions Roar” - s/t
    Savage Beat “Trapped” - split w/ Death Ridge Boys
    Forewarned “Destructive Creation” - Unforgiving Years
    Shallow End “Urban Decay” - Urban Decay
    Antagonize “Land Of Dreams” - promo
    Dying Wish “Autumn’s Final Sun” - split w/ Serration
    Wake Of Humanity “Different Demons” - Fight resist
    Second Narrows “Hot Glass” - s/t
    Alien Boys “Mother Chaos” - Night Danger
    Magnitude “To Whatever Fateful End” - To Whatever Fateful End
    Outpatient “My Own” - 5 Track EP
    Rong “The Antidote” - s/t
    Neighborhood Brats “Down 3rd” - Claw Marks
    Swear Jar “Nerve Damage” - s/t
    Juice “Murder” - demo
    Trail Of Lies “Fearless” - Fearless
    The Elite “Feel The Heat” - s/t
    Wirehead “New Pleasures” - demo
    Culminate “Grown To Despise” - demo
    The Take “The Skins Are Out Tonight” - Same

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