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Playsheet and podcast: September 4, 2012

Another week come and gone at FYH already. Had some new stuff on the show tonight courtesy of Shield Recordings as well as Tor Johnson Records. As usual lots of stuff from bands that will be playing Vancouver in the upcoming weeks. Don’t miss out, download the podcast and see what you missed.

Ramones - Greatest Hits - Rock ‘M’ Roll High School
SNFU - FYULABA - Gaggle Of Friends
Accelerators - Fuel For The Fire - You’re The One
The Ballantynes - s/t - Misery
White Lung - Sorry - The Bad Way
Saint Jude - Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus - The Great Finality
Wolfbrigade - In Darkness You Feel No Regrets - The Awakening
Tempest - Solace - Solace
Noi!se - Pushing On - Living For Today
Now Denial - Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus - We Bite
Product Of Waste - You Won’t Take Me Alive - Crook With A Badge / I Fight
Xenocide - Galactic Oppression - Space Rot
Busted Up - demo - Song 2
Take Offense - Under The Same Shadow - ( We All Live ) Under The Same Shadow
Warcry - Deprogram - BSBSFBS
Hope Defeated - demo - Kill The Guilt
Dig Your Graves - Majesty - Reinventing
Pretty Faces - Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus - War Of The Elephants
Woolworm - Believe In Ourselves - Alamir Feeling
Terrible Feelings - Shadows - Shadows Follow Me
Downtown Struts - Victoria - Southpaw
Criminal Code - s/t - Hollowed
Backtrack - The Extermination - Boiled In My Blood
Tranzmitors - Concrete Depression - A Little Bit Closer
Bad Assets - The Spirit Of Detroit - What’s Due
A Fine Boat That Coffin - Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus - Redefinition Of Molecules By The Beat Of The Madmans Drum
Turnstile - The Extermination - Figure It Out
Harrington Saints - Pride And Tradition - Slogans On The Wall
Bishops Green - demo - Senseless Crime
Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead - Close At Hand
Nomads - Nights Owls Mayhem Aficiados Deeth Seekers - Slaughter House
Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved - Stay In The Sun

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