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Playsheet: September 26, 2006

Thanks again to Steveston Mike for co-hosting action! This evening’s show was meant to be our initial crack at podcasting Flex Your Head, but no luck there this time. Anyhow, it would appear that we’ll be waiting until October to begin podcasting the show. Let’s cross our fingers!

In the studio with Steveston Mike and Eric Flexyourhead next week: Kenny Lush from Vancouver’s Daggermouth. Stoked!

Black Flag - TV Party 7″ EP - TV Party
GBH - Give Me Fire 7″ EP - Give Me Fire
Subhumans - New Dark Age Parade - Celebrity
Imperial - We Sail at Dawn - In Ashes I Leave
Raised Fist - Sound of the Republic - Back
Hammer Bros. - The Vitality - Legion
Government Warning - No Moderation - Slave Labor
Day Of The Dead - A New Healing Process - Choke On Your Own Tongue
Force Of Change - The Bond We Share - Disgrace
A Traitor Like Judas - Nightmare Inc. - A Good Day to Die
The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name - Deadtown Nothing
Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses - Dusk
Verse - From Anger and Rage - Hard To Breathe
Generations - Our Times - Hold On
Death Is Not Glamorous - Undercurrents - The Three C’s
Blank Stare - s/t 7″ EP - White Hell
Siege - Drop Dead - Conform
Another Breath - Mill City - I’m Pro-You-Shutting-the-Fuck-Up
Justice - s/t 7″ EP - Up and Down
Shock Nagasaki - Year of the Spy - Deconstruct, Decontrol
Birds Of A Feather - Our Aim EP - Architect
The Jonbenet - Ugly/Heartless - Why We’re Dead
Have Heart - The Things We Carry - Something More Than Ink
Betrayed - Substance - Work For It
Kernelzero - 3 hours of silence before death - Unbroken Memories
Breamgod - s/t - Hard Luck
Ceremony - Violence Violence - Along
Regulations - s/t - Anna’s Eyes
Dead City Shakers - Ship of Beggars - Dead City
George Harrison - “To Live A Lie” sampler - How Emotional Will You Get?
Krum Bums - split w/ Complete Control - Misery
Heaven Shall Burn - Deaf To Our Prayers - Profane Believers
Walls of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All - Plastic
Black SS - s/t 7″ EP - Acid Casualty
Regret - Misery Brigade - Dog Eyes

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