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Playsheet: September 19, 2006

Once again, a huge round of thanks to Steveston Mike for sweet co-hosting skills! We’re also lucky that Mike happens to have a pretty damn good memory too. Unfortunately, CiTR’s playsheet application crashed part way through the show, but thanks to Mike’s keen memory we were able to pull most of our playsheet back together. There may be a song or two missing, and maybe one or two out of the proper order we played them in, but this is pretty much what you heard if you were listening to Flex Your Head on Tuesday, September 19.

Bad Brains - Omega Sessions - I Against I
Battalion of Saints - Fighting Boys 12″ EP - I Wanna Make You Scream
D.O.A. - Bloodied But Unbowed - 001 Loser’s Club
Code of Honor - Complete Studio Recordings - Attempted Control
Wrecking Crew - Balance of Terror - Always Talk
The Left - Jesus Loves The Left - Fuck It
The Jonbenet - Ugly, Heartless - We Eat Out Young
Strike Anywhere - Dead FM - How To Pray
Off My Chest - split w/ State Of Disgrace - True Meaning
Much The Same - Survive - What I Know
Shock Nagasaki - Year of the Spy - 1968
The Casualties - Under Attack - Get Revenge
Kernelzero - 3 hours of silence before death - Crack of Doom
Robot Eyes - Arret - I am the Part
The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name - So Many Pigs So Few Bullets
Sinking Ships - Disconnecting - Auburn
Rhino Charge - “To Live A Lie” sampler - Perspective as Law
Meltdown - s/t - Cashing In
Outbreak - Failure - Square One
Birds Of A Feather - Our Aim EP - Blind To See
Generations - Out Times - Jealous Man
Death Is Not Glamorous - Undercurrents - Second Step
Affront - You’d make a good looking corpse - I’d like to say fuck you but I can’t find the words
Desolation - s/t - No World Order
Res Gestae - s/t - Cultura Libre
The Nipples - Weekend Toys - Anti-Underwear
F.P.O. - 3ham Ueka Ja Rybam Bntkata - Come On Girls
Born/Dead - Endless War…Repetition - Security
A.R.M. - “To Live A Lie” sampler - Gimme Waffles
Burn In Silence - Angel Maker - Embrace the Plague
Gojira - From Mars To Sirius - Backbone
Few And The Proud - Stampede - Something More
Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses - Fall
Bury The Living - All the news that’s fit to scream - Of God and Country
Complete Control - split w/ Krum Bums - Leave Us Alone
Imperial - We Sail at Dawn - Last Sunrise

Pssst… podcasting is coming very, very soon. Are you as excited as we are?

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