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Playsheet: September 12, 2006

OK, we’re back! Sadly, there was no Flex Your Head broadcast on Tuesday, September 5.┬ Mr. Flexyourhead┬ screwed up and the listeners paid the price.

Thanks again to Steveston Mike for wicked co-hosting action!

Cancer Bats - Birthing the Giant - French Immersion
Born/Dead - Endless War…Repetition - Religion
Generations - Our Times - Shattered
Day Of The Dead - A New Healing Process - One More Cross to Bear
Modern Life Is War - My Love. My Way. - Clarity
Daggermouth - Stallone - Vegas Chaffe - Brutha I got it too
Strike Anywhere - Dead FM - Prisoner Echoes
Remembering Never - God Save Us - Slaughterhouse Blues
Morello - Twelve Ways to Breathe - Dynamite
Black Sheep Squadron - Foreign Object - I Want Out
Get Rad - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man - My Friends Fucking Rule
Regret - Misery Brigade - We’re All Desperate
Achilles Last Stand - My Precious Decay - Face the Cowards
Myproof - Reason For My Justice - In the Name of Justice
Triple Threat - Into the Darkness - Jealousy II
Dead Hearts - Bitter Years - Innocence
The Casualties - Under Attack - Fallen Heroes
Banner Pilot - Pass the Poison - Sunbelt Scars
Changing Face - Our Last Chance - Dead End
L.E.A.R.N. - First Lesson 7″ EP - Closest Friend
Shock Nagasaki - Year of the Spy - Palisades and Renegades
Gather - Total Liberation - No Contest true
A Traitor Like Judas - Nightmare Inc. - You Rip Our Guts Out
Lions - From the blood in my heart to the blood on my hands - Vogue
Walls Of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All - Try. Fail. Repeat.
Desolation - s/t - Evil in Man
Pressure - Beasts - M.F.G.
Few And The Proud - Stampede - Let It Die
Lower Class Brats - The New Seditionaries - See You Go
Misery Signals - Mirrors - Post Collapse
A Life Once Lost - Hunter - Vulture
Hatebreed - Supremacy - Never Let It Die
The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name - Hang Your Cross
Birds Of A Feather - Our Aim EP - Our Aim
Bury The Living - All the News That’s Fit to Scream - I Hope

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