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Playsheet and podcast: December 22, 2009

Good times were had in studio tonight! Steve from At Both Ends magazine came in and played the two 7″ that are included in his latest issue. We also played some of his favourite stuff from the last little while. If you liked what you heard, go by and purchase his latest issue!

Vandals - Oi To The World - My First Xmas As A Woman
Good Clean Fun - split w/ Throwdown - Xmas Time For The Skins
The New Enemy - Shakedown - Level 2 Scapegoat
Guilty Faces - Domestic Bliss - No Point At All
The Bonus Army - Negative Outlooks - Defeated
Vacant State - Internal Conflict - Internal Conflict
House Boat - The Delaware Octopus - My Life Hurts
Burial - Speed At Night - Speed At Night
Noi!se - Walk Beside Us - Reasons Why
Mourningside AD - Confessions Of Disbelief - Never Sow
Vapid - Practically Dead - Death Of Youth
Devotion - Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues - My Dessert
No Trigger - Canyoneer - Neon National Park
Shook Ones - The Unquotable A.M.H. - Silverfish
Unrestrained - At Both Ends - Immaculate Deception
Awake Demons - From Heaven To Hell - From Heaven To Hell
Ambitions -Stranger - The Illusion
Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven Lonlier Than God - Self Explosive
Grade - At Both Ends - These Eyes Are On The Exit
Grade - At Both Ends - Optical Portions
Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes - Dead Weight
Die Young - The Message - Fool’s Gold
Undertow -Everything - At Both Ends
Bane - At Both Ends - Non-Negotiable
Bane - At Both Ends - Struck Down By Me
Between Earth And Sky - At Both Ends - Skin And Stone
Wait In Vain - Seasons - The Fix
A Perfect Murder - Unbroken - Possessed
Sparkmarker - Products And Accessories - Tamarack

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