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Playsheet and podcast: June 9, 2009

So much good music, and so many memories on the show tonight. We did a special show featuring all music from bands who have played at Seylynn Hall over the past 13 years. As most of you probably know, Seylynn Hall will be having its final show this Saturday and Matt Smith was kind enough to come down to the show and co-host with me tonight. If you missed the fun, download the podcast. Hope we’ll see you on Saturday!

Daggermouth - Stallone - Steveston Mike Can Mosh To this Anyday / I Dance To Trance In Garbage Bag Pants
Sunset On Broadway - s/t - New year’s Eve
Good Riddance - Operation Phoenix - Heresy - Hypocracy And Revenge
September - split w/ Truth About Angels - When It All falls Through
d.b.s. - If Life Were A Result - Immovable Stones
A.F.I. - split w/ Heckle - Advances In Modern Technology
Trial - Are These Our Lives - War By Other Means
Go It Alone - Histories - Rapture
Pipe Bomb - s/t 7″ - F.V.P.
Slingshot - Shmer - Bro Ettiquette
Strung Out - Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues - Bring Out Your Dead
Get Up Kids - s/t 7″ - Second Place
By A Thread - The Last Of The Daydreams - Fade
Sparkmarker - Products And Accessories - Tamarack
The First Step - What We Know - No Way To Live
Submission Hold - Garlic For Victory - Garlic For Victory
Blue Monday - split w/ Go It Alone - Maplewood
Gob - Green Beans And Almonds - Stand And Deliver
Verse - Rebuild - Tear Down These Walls
Ink And Dagger - Drive This 7 Inch Stake Through My Philadelphia Hearet - Bloodlust
The Attack - Mental Health - Dancing On Their Ruins
Strain - Here And Now - Retaliation
Death From Above - Head’s Up - Dead Womb
Set Foot - Aging - Bloodiest
Red Light Sting - split w/ Hot Hot Heat - Cork Up The Stink
Propagandhi - How To Clean Everyting - Stick That Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Son of A Bitch
Reserve 34 - Everything - Set To Go
Obesolette 5000 - - Johnny’s Got A Wrench
Conscientious Objector - s/t - Delusions Of
d.o.a. - something better change - new age
Satanic Surfers - Hero Of Our Time - Better Off Today
Atom And His Package - Behold I Shall Do A New Thing - Lord It’s Hard To Be happy When You’re Not Using The Metric System
Burden - Strength Of Conviction - One Thousand Lies
Margaret Thrasher - Moderate Rock - Weight
Allegiance - s/t - my pledge
Comeback Kid - Rise Up - Lorlei
Shook Ones - The 5 Inch - Breakfast For Dinner
Circles - s/t 7″ - Find My Breath
SNFU - The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed - Eric’s Had A Bad Day
In Stride - Total Demo - Backside Disaster
d.b.s. - Tales From The Crib - Too Involved

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