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Playsheet and podcast: June 2, 2009

We had new stuff from Think Fast Records, Rucktion, Blacktop and A Chorus of One Records. If you missed out, download the podcast!

Backside Disaster - s/t - Proven Failure
Cro Mags - Age Of Quarrel - Malfunction
War Pigs - Degeneration - Power In The Darkness
Sacred Shock - s/t - Bloodsuckker
Beat Kids - Sorry For Partying - Beat Kids Got That Crazy Shit
Alternate Action - Streetpunk And Disorderly - Skinhead Way Of Life
Providence - Far Beyond Our Depth - Swim And Sink
Gross Negligence - s/t 7″ - High On Stress / Smash It Up / Decay
The Blackout Brigade - Death And Dishonesty - Not The One
Sojourner - The Narrows - Preamble / Alleyways And Underpasses
Reaching Hand - Threshold - Settle The Score
Born From Pain - s/t 7″ - Sons Of A Dying World
Fortune Teller - demo - Tall Tales
Vacant State - State Of Confusion - State Of Confusion
Deal With It - End Time Prophecies - War Against The Machines
One Voice - Break Free - Human Demise
The Golden Age - Unlock Yourself - Live Together - Die Alone
Disco Assault - Saturday Night Bleeder - Homeland Security
True Valiance - Hooked On Revenge - Take Your Life Back
Doggfight U.S. - split w/ Word For Word - Carousel
Cross Check - demo - Had My Fill
Urban Blight - Toronto Is Burning - Fuck Your Bullshit / Waste
Gonzales - Checkmate - Kiss The Sky
Deathcage - s/t 7″ - Soul Collector
Collapsed - demo - …And The Heart Talks
Hammer Bros. - The Kids Are Dead - No System
Outbreak - Work To Death - (Work)ing Dead
The Rotten - Enemy Of The State - Lockdown
Coke Bust - Lines In The Sand - Spit Out
Crooked Ways - Crimes Of Passion - We Can’t Have Anything Nice
Billy Club Sandwich - The Usual Suspects - Turning Point
Subhumans - Death Was Too Kind - Inquisition Day
Naysayer - No Remorse - Overstand
Punch - s/t - We’re Not In This Together
Something Fatal - Goodnight - Nurse - Chicks Dig Scars Not Problems
Product Of Waste - You Won’t Take Me Alive - I’ve Had Enough
Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life - Laught It Up Kid
Shook Ones - The Unquotable A.M.H. - They’re Very Yes
Special Move - Curse Of The Blackwater - Killing Fields
Persistence Of Time - demo - Time Ends
Death Is Not Glamorous - Soft Clicks - Set In Stone
Word For Word - Keepsake - Defend Manchester


Comment from johan
Time: June 3, 2009, 7:31 am

thanks for airplaying PROVIDENCE Mike !!!!!

Comment from NateDogg
Time: June 13, 2009, 1:27 am

Every now and again, I like to search for Word For Word on google. And today, I found this.

Thanks for playing our stuff. It means a lot

Comment from Ben Andress
Time: June 13, 2009, 12:59 pm

Thanks for spinning Something Fatal! means a lot to us

all the best


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