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Playsheet and podcast: May 26, 2009

Busy show tonight! We had new music from Smallman, Arrest, Reaper and Pizza War Records. We also had Kyle and Ritchie from the band Yellow Knife come in to the studio and play some tracks off their new EP, Second Narrows. If you missed out, download the podcast!

Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
Dillinger 4 - Midwestern Songs Of The Midwest Americas - It’s A Fine Line Between A Monkey And A Robot
Product Of Waste - You Won’t Take Me Alive - Crook With A Badge
Hammer Bros. - The Kids Are Dead - Years
Make Do And Mend - Bodies Of Water - Own Ebb And Flow
Not Sorry - demo - Moving On
Sights And Sounds - Monolith - Storm And The Sun
Born From Pain - s/t 7″ - State Of Mind
Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures - My Own Hell / Watching This World
Persistence Of Time - demo - Being Family
Word For Word - Keepsake - If Suffer We Must
Disco Assualt - Saturday Night Bleeder - Work To Survive
Narrows - New Distances - Sea Witch
Vacant State - State Of Confusion - Give Up
The Golden Age - Unlock Yourself - Re-Align
The Icemen - s/t 7″ - It’ll Be Your Grave
The Tranzmitors - Busy Singles - Some Girls
Brain Killer - s/t 7″ - Black Cloud
Give Life - demo - Generosity
Doggfight U.S. - split w/ Word For Word - Rising Sun
Rumours - demo - Feels Blind
Until Your Heart Stops - We Are Not Coming Down - Black And White
The Menzingers - A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology - Alpha Kappa Fall Off A Balcony
Bankrobber - demo - Iron Lung
Worlds - demo - Wreckage
Tempest - demo - Haemmorhage
Unholy - New Life Behind Closed Eyes - Children Of Eternal Sleep
Couture - demo - Jungle
The Rotten - Enemy Of The State - No Good At All
Jerk City - EP - Fire IN My Lungs
Crushed On You - demo - Thank God I’m In California
Horizons - demo - Old Man
Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life - Positive Views
Cross Check - demo - C.C.H,M,
Yellow Knife - Second Narrows - Acrobat
Higher Giant - The First Five - The Dealer
Yellow Knife - Second Narrows - It’s Past This Point Of Everything
Yellow Knife - Second Narrows - Self Standing Still

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