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Playsheet and podcast: April 14, 2009

Tonnes of new stuff on the show this week. Thanks to Trip Machine Laboratory Records, Blood and Ink Records and all the bands who sent me new material. Make sure to download the podcast and enjoy all the new music!

Death By Stereo - If Looks Could Kill I’d Watch You Die - Sings Along With The Patriotic Punks
No Use For A Name - The Daily Grind - Hazardous To Your Health
Fucked Up - Epic In Minutes - Litany
Knucklehead - Split w/ Hostage Life - Hearts On Fire
Disfear - Live The Storm - The Cage
Harrington Saints - Streetpunk And Disorderly - Dead Broke in The USA
Dissolve - Caveman Of The Future - Graverobber
Secret Army - Streetpunk And Disorderly - Hypocrites And Parasites
Make Do And Mend - Bodies Of Water - Winter Wasteland
Vacant State - State Of Confusion - State Of Confusion
Persistence Of Time - demo - Being Family
Alternate Action - Streetpunk And Disorderly - Skinhead Way Of Life
The Rotten - Enemy Of The State - Lockdown
American Cheeseburger - Modern Advice - The Kid From The Space Center
Escapist - demo - Rhyme Without A Reason
Slices - s/t 7″ - Cave Crawl
Tranzmitors - Busy Singles - Dancing In The Front Row
Vapid - s/t 7″ - Whore
Sink Or Swim - split 7″ w/ In One Piece - Never Bow Down
Last Priest - s/t LP - War In A Small Town
Results - demo - Dead Ends
Keep It Clear - s/t 7″ - See It My Way
The Red Baron - My First Love - American Dream
Walls - s/t LP - Tread On Me
108 - MMIX Deathwish Sampler - Forever Is Destroyed
Let’s Dance - split w/ Avenue Rose - Crazy
Scryer - Necessary Evils - Americancer
The Artist’s Life - Let’s Start A Riot - The Last Time
Unfinished Business - demo - American Barcode
Black Cloud - demo - Lost And Forgotten
Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions Paranoid Illusions - Unsatisfied
Cross Check - demo - From Now On
The Cheats - Harsh Dungeon - Yes Charlie
The Blackout Brigade - Death And Dishonestsy - Evil
Subhumans - Death Was Too Kind - Death To The Sickoids

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