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Playsheet and podcast: August 26, 2008

Sorry about last week’s playsheet and podcast - we lost it and couldn’t retrieve it. We made sure to get this one, though!

Lots of new stuff this week on the show. Thanks to Monument Records, Lucifer Legions Records, Demon Run Amok, Assassinated Records, and Soul Rebel Records for the new material. Also thanks to the bands Bank Robber and Crooked Ways for hooking us up with their new releases. Make sure to check out the podcast!

Agnostic Front - Last Warning - Friend Or Foe
The Business - No Mercy For You - Guinness Boys
Lag Wagon - Thrashed - Know It All
Harrington Saints - split w/ - Pub Song
Horizons - demo - Hostile Territory

Slingshot - Shmer - Bro Etiquette
Cut It Out - Bring On The Hate - Coming Down
Positive Noise - No Hardcore - Positive Noise
Black Ships - Low - Iron Lung Heatr Of Gold
Lower Hell - Asphixia - Alchemist Academy
The Degenerics - Generic Record Collection - It Hits Closest To The Heart
Defect Defect - Yeah I’m A Terrorist - Little Ways
Heavy Hearted - Overcast - Lynn
Margaret Thrasher - Does It Matter - Raise The Bar
Front Page - Still Learning - Bigshot
Scream Hello - The Right To Assemble Volume 2 - Nights, Fights, Cries, Jokes, Laughs, Songs, Love Life
Living With Lions - Dude Manor - Granny Steps
Another Year - Moments Don’t Last - The Great Despair
Crooked Ways - How To Break Hearts - 2017
Auktion - split w/ Black Panda - Skitten Forfolude Mic
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Comfort In Concrete
Bankrobber - demo - Planet Of The Apes
Petition - Anchors In - Greed Runs Deep
Seasick - Ouroboros - Skeptic threat
Impeders Of Progress - demo - Reconnect
Sleepwall - s/t - Come In From The Cold
The Sainte Catherines - Dancing For Decadence - Ring Of Fire = 4 points
Anti Playax - Valencia Marca Registrada - Treball platja Mort
Fornix - demo - Loose Lips
Tears Of Blood - s/t - Joe Black
Cash In - Revolution Summer - On That Note
Go For Broke - Open your Mind - Belief
Scabs - demo - Arena
You Lose - All In - Who’s Foolin Who
Repoman - s/t - Chemically Obsessed
Margaret Thrasher - Does It Matter - Doesn’t Matter
Margaret Thrasher - Does It Matter - Blah Blah Blah My Community

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