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Playsheet and podcast: August 12, 2008

Tonight was a lot of fun on the show. We had Brian and Bailey from Grave Maker come down to hang out and play songs off their new record, Bury Me at Sea on Think Fast Records. Also thanks to Trabuc, Durty Mick, and Basick Records for the new releases. Make sure to download the podcast!

Hardesty - What Doesn’t Make Us Stronger Only Kills Us - The Night I Lost My Fear Of Spiders
No Warning - s/t - My Word
The Marvelous Darlings - The Swords - The Streets - The Swords - The Streets
Me First And The Gimme Gimmies - Have Another Ball - Only The Good Die Young
Slingshot - Shmer - Bro Etiquette

Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Time Heals Nothing
Holocaust In Your Head - split w/ Black Panda - Romper Las Reglas
You Lose - All In - Day By Day
The Carrier - No Love Can Save Me - Hello Uncertainty
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Wreckage
The Comanche Cipher - ‘Ludovice Technique - Fall Of the Beloved
Said And Done - Endless Roads - Isolation
Wolves And Thieves - split w/ Bastards Of Young - Morning After Kill
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Dusk Till Dawn
Deadly Sins - Selling Our Weakness - Barely Breathing
Oxymoron - Crisis Identity - F.O.E.
A Crow’s Glory - Speakers Of The Truth - Sacrifice
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Drop The Torch
I Rise - For Redemption - Long Road To Redemption
Anti Playax - Valencia Marca Registrada - Ole
Horizons - demo - This World
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Dear Brother
Aspirations - EP! - Get Fucked
Sojourner - Overwhelming - Tinder
Crowns Of Kings - Lifeline - My Blood By My Side
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Loveless
Vultures United - Dirt Hearts - Strung Up And Swinging
Motor Breath - split w/ Holocaust In Your Head - Nar Marken Borjar Svalla
Modern Crimes - s/t - Condemned To Fail
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Comfort In Concrete
Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer - Hail Destroyer
The Boils - split w/ The Staggers - Another Tragic Story
Bad Reaction - Had It Coming - Street Cred
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - The Boatman
Suzy Wong And The Honkeys - demo - Ghosts
Black Panda - split w/ Auktion - Evasoin O Comdena
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold - Between The Sheets
Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First - How Deep
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - It’s Raining Again

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