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Where the hell did Flex Your Head go?

Damn… where the hell did the old version of Flex Your Head Online go?

Kids, after six or seven long years of providing Flex Your Head as both a weekly radio program and a full-featured online punk/hardcore ‘zine, it’s time to return to simpler roots. Maintaining 1000+ news articles per year, plus reviews, interviews, features, weekly playsheets, all-ages shows listings, and so much more was a time-consuming task (and that’s not even counting the amount of work just keeping up with all of the email the site generates). Put simply, Flex Your Head Online had evolved itself into being close to a full-time job. By the time April of 2006 rolled around, Mr. Flexyourhead was burnt out.

So here’s our solution: no, it’s not the old Flex Your Head — but we’re not exactly rolling over and dying either. Visitors can still come to check out Vancouver area all-ages show listings, our weekly playsheets, photos, the occasional act of MP3 blogging, and whatever else floats our boat.

Should we mention that Flex Your Head will begin podcasting in September? And that you’ll even be able to subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes?

I’d personally like to send out a huge round of thanks to all of the previous site contributors for their roles in keeping the previous incarnation of Flex Your Head Online fresh, vital, and up-to-date. And, of course, another round of thanks to all of the site’s visitors that made putting in all the effort 100% worthwhile and fun.

1. 2. 3. 4. Go!

Eric Flexyourhead.


Comment from mike
Time: September 11, 2006, 11:57 am

hey eric, hope you’re doing well. hadn’t talked to you in a long time so i thought i’d drop you a line. i was always pretty floored by how comprehensive and dynamic your old site was….i wondered how you kept it going for as long as you did! saw a fratricide/neuroot test press on ebay months ago and thought about emailing you…never did, oh well. i think you should re-issue all the fratricide material. that stuff is hard to find….. maybe gta? maybe not? noise&distortion is doing some great re-issues. anyways, cheers

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