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Archive for February, 2013

Playsheet and podcast: February 19, 2013

Sorry, all. We’ve been struggling a bit with computer issues, and some of the podcasts seem to have disappeared into the ether. I will update previous playlists as best I can, but we may not be able to get them all. In related news, I’m considering a new format for the site - maybe a […]

Playsheet and podcast: February 12, 2013

Sorry we’ve been so long getting this up!

Flex Your Head — February 12, 2013
[“Right click -> Save target as”]

Good Riddance - Before You Were Punk - Melt With You
Sick Of It All - Call To Arms - Sanctuary
All Out Panic - Pig demo - Don;t Need To Hear It
Broken Patterns - Pattern Interrupt - […]