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Archive for May, 2012

Playsheet and podcast: May 22, 2012

Hope you enjoyed this week’s show! We had John and Eric from Strain in studio talking about their upcoming show this Sunday at Rainfest in Seattle. We also tried to play as many Rainfest bands that we could fit in. Thanks to Steve from At Both Ends fanzine for coming down and hanging out as […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 15, 2012

Even though the cd players crapped out on a few songs we still had a pretty good show. Download the show and tell your friends about us. Thanks!

Flex Your Head — May 15, 2012
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Bane - Holding this Moment - Forked Tongue
Paint It Black - Paradise - Exit Wounds
Black Breath - […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 8, 2012

I got my huge order from RevHq this past week so tons of new stuff on the show tonight. Also some bands that will be playing Rainfest in Seattle later this month. Hope you enjoy the show.

Flex Your Head — May 8, 2012
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Cro-Mags - Age Of Quarrel - We Gotta […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 1, 2012

Not a lot of new stuff on the show this week but still played some sweet tunes that I’ve been stoked on here at Flex Your Headquarters. Feel free to download the show!

Flex Your Head — May 1, 2012
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Vision Of Disorder - s/t - D.T.O
Three Inches Of Blood - Battlecry […]