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Archive for November, 2009

Playsheet and podcast: November 24, 2009

Another week of fund-driving here at CITR. Tonight’s special show, we featured nothing but cover songs, except for songs from the band Sights and Sounds. We had Andrew and Adrian from the band in studio tonight, and we played songs off their latest album, Monolith. Thanks to everyone who has donated money to CITR - […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 17, 2009

For our 4th annual fund drive, we decided to play the A-B-Cs of punk rock - one band from each letter of the alphabet, in order. Make sure to go by CITR’s website to make a donation! Go to for more details.

Flex Your Head — November 17, 2009
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American Nightmare […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 10, 2009

Nothing new on the show this week, but stay tuned for two weeks of Fund Drive action as CITR kicks off its fourth annual fund drive. Check out for more info and how to donate!

Flex Your Head — November 10, 2009
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Drakes Advantage - Let’s You And Me Take Over […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 3, 2009

Things were a little hectic at the show tonight, but I think I managed to pull it together. New stuff this week from A Chorus of One Records as well as from the band Stressed Out.

Flex Your Head — November 3, 2009
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End This Week With Knives - We Are So […]