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Archive for February, 2009

Hear The Sirens ( Rebel Hearts Lost )

Hailing from Livermore California, Hear The Sirens brings you it’s first full length. This record is full of catchy pop punk sing alongs that will leave you with a smile on your face. Thay take heir influences from such bands as Strike Anywhere and Lifetime and you can hear it in their songs. Even the […]

Ill Brigade ( The EP )

Australia’s south coast are represented here with this fine release. 9 tracks of 80’s style hardcore here with a few breakdowns thrown in for good measure. I liked this record a hell of a lot. From the opening track ” NO Rules OK ” right to the cover of Agnostic Front’s ” Victim In Pain […]

The Loved Ones ( Distracted )

This being the bands third release in the past three years and finding myself not really enjoying the last full length too much I was a litte hesitant on picking this one up. Let me tell you I was happy I did. From the opening track ” Distracted ” I felt like the band went […]

The Mongoloids ( Assorted Music )

This is the follow up to the bands full length ” Time Trials “. 7 new tracks of straight edge hardcore with a couple of instrumentals thown in as well. What I really like about this record is the vocals. The sound so rough it’s amazing. It’s not your typical straight edge style music either. […]

Mouthpiece ( Can’t Kill What’s Inside, The Complete Discography )

Formed out the late 80’s early 90’s came this straight edge band from New Jersey. Inspired from bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Bold they decided it was time to make their own mark. What they left us is this complete discography which includes everything they have recorded as well as three live tracks not before […]

On The Brink ( Take Cover )

Punk rock is alive and well in Edmonton. On The Brink brings us their first full length of energetic punk. This record has a great working class feel to it. The songs are fast and have duel vocals through the most of it which works quite nicely. There are lots of parts on the record […]

Propagandhi ( Supporting Caste )

Winnipeg’s Propagandhi are back with their fifth full length and first as a four piece. The band traveled down to Colorado to record with Bill Stevenson ( Black Flag, The Descendents ). What they came up with is another punk filled, politically charged assualt. The music is what we have come to expect from them. […]

Subhumans ( Death Was Too Kind )

When you think of early Vancouver punk rock you might think of DOA or Nomeansno but you musn’t forget The Subhumans. This record is a collection of their early material dating back to 1978 and covering up to 1981. There are 10 tracks on this release and each one has a desciption about the song […]

Swamp Thing ( In Shame )

Although members of this band are barely into their twenties, this Richmond Virginia’s band brings us their first full lenght courtesy of 6131 records. 13 tracks that barely clock in at 20 minutes but cram a hell of a lot of anger and emotions into those minutes. I never got the feeling that they were […]

Playsheet and podcast: February 24, 2009

I went on a spending spree this week, so there was lots of new stuff to play! Thanks to Smallman Records for the new release. Enjoy!

Flex Your Head — February 24, 2009
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Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material - Wasted Life
Tilt - Till It Kills - Libel
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste - […]