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Archive for November, 2008

Playsheet and podcast: November 25, 2008

Week two of the fund drive has come and gone. I’d like to thank everybody who donated - it means a lot to us at the station. We look forward to having Nick and Kelly co-host the show in two weeks, so stay tuned for that! Tonight we played part two of our favourite songs […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 18, 2008

Tonight’s funding drive show was a big success - thanks to everyone who phoned in and donated their hard-earned money! Look forward to special guests next week co-hosting. Sorry we don’t have a playlist this week, but you should recognize most of the songs from the podcast, as they are all older hardcore songs from […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 11, 2008

Thanks to Tempest for coming down and hanging out and playing their demo. Also thanks to Tor Johnson, Distort and Basick Records for the new stuff. Download the podcast and enjoy!

Flex Your Head — November 11, 2008
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SNFU - FYULABA - Charlie Still Smirks
The 4 Skins - History Of.. - Remembrance […]

Playsheet and podcast: November 4, 2008

On a night where history was made in the US election, voting in the first African-American president, we did our best to try to play the best of punk and hardcore for you. After you all finish partying and celebrating the Democratic victory, don’t forget to download the podcast!

Flex Your Head — November 4, 2008
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