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Archive for October, 2008

Playsheet and podcast: October 28, 2008

Another week goes by, and not a lot of new stuff. Still a lot of great hardcore, especially from Vancouver! Enjoy!

Flex Your Head — October 28, 2008
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Day Of Mourning Until Death - Enshrouded In Briars
Burden - With Every Step Forward - Break This Fall
Hammer Bros. - The Kids Are Dead […]

Playsheet and podcast: October 21, 2008

Fun and interesting show tonight. We played “Connect the Band Names” - each band’s name connects to the next band’s name. If you’re confused, just take a look at the playlist and you’ll figure it out! Download the podcast - I hope you’ll enjoy it…

Flex Your Head — October 21, 2008
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Playsheet and podcast: October 14, 2008

Hopefully everybody had a good Thanksgiving - I know I did! Not too much new on the show this week, just more of your old favourites. Download the podcast and enjoy!

Flex Your Head — October 14, 2008
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Blood For Blood - Outlaw Anthems - White Trash Anthem
Judge - Bringin It Down […]

Playsheet and podcast: October 7, 2008

Another week and lots of new music once again. New stuff from Koi, Suburban Home, No Idea, and Puke ‘n Vomit Records. Make sure to download the podcast if you missed the show!

Flex Your Head — October 7, 2008
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Shutdown - Against All Odds - Inside Out
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable […]