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Archive for June, 2008

Playsheet and podcast: June 24, 2008

The new stuff just kept coming in over the last week! Big thanks to I For Us, Copper Lung, Crucial Response, and Deathwish Records. There were problems with the vinyl, but I finally figured it out. Thanks to the callers for keeping me updated on the situation. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Flex Your Head — […]

Playsheet and podcast: June 17, 2008

Tonnes of new stuff on the show this week. Thanks to Reaper Records and Get Outta Town Records and Crucial Attack Records for the new stuff this week. Also, thanks to Nara for grabbing me all the demos at Rainfest! Sorry for the quality of the vinyl tonight - we’re apparently having technical problems. Enjoy […]

Playsheet and podcast: June 10, 2008

We had a lot of fun in the studio tonight! Big thanks to Landon, Matt, and Chase from Living with Lions for coming in and playing songs from their new record “Make Your Mark”. If you missed out, go and download the podcast!

Flex Your Head — June 10, 2008
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Lower Class […]

Playsheet and podcast: June 3, 2008

I was late, tired, and stinky - but the show must go on! No new stuff this week, just some good old-fashioned punk and hardcore for you. Enjoy the show!

Flex Your Head — June 3, 2008
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Fury Of Five - Area 51 - Want It All
Strain - Here And Now - […]