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Archive for July, 2007

Playsheet and podcast: July 24, 2007

We got our turntables back, so we made sure to play lots of vinyl tonight. Thanks to Art Fraud Records for hooking us up. Enjoy the podcast and I hope to see you all at Have Heart on Wednesday, August 1st!

Flex Your Head — July 24, 2007
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Capone - What We’ve […]

Playsheet and podcast: July 17, 2007

We didn’t have any turntables in the studio this week, so we couldn’t play all the sweet vinyl we got over the past week. Bummer. We did however, bring enough CDs and had a lot of fun tonight. Big thanks to Reaper Records and I for Us Records for hooking us up. Download the podcast […]

Playsheet and podcast: July 10, 2007

Just because it was hot as hell tonight in the studio doesn’t mean we didn’t bring the hardcore! Thanks to Graves Records for hooking us up again. Did you miss out? Download the podcast and turn it up!

Flex Your Head — July 10, 2007
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Harvest - Transitions - Epicure
The McCrackins - […]

Playsheet and podcast: July 3, 2007

It was a hot one in the studio tonight! Luckily we had a fan running - hope you were relaxing and enjoying the show someplace cool! Thanks to Timm at Panic Records. Enjoy the podcast!

Flex Your Head — July 3, 2007
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What Feeds The Fire - Set Me Free - intro […]