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Archive for May, 2007

Playsheet and podcast: May 29, 2007

Thanks to Matt and Chase from Living with Lions for being my first on-air band interview. We had a good time playing their CD, Dude Manor, and shooting the shit. Big thanks also to Prank Records for the new music. If you missed out, download the podcast!

Flex Your Head — May 29, 2007
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Playsheet and podcast: May 22, 2007

Another great day here in Vancouver and we had a lot of fun at the show. Big thanks go out to Bridge 9 and to Break the Chains for sending us their new releases. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Flex Your Head — May 22, 2007
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Quicksand - Slip - Fazer
Fuzz 58 […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 15, 2007

Sorry for the delay getting this podcast and playlist up. We had a fun show Tuesday as we broke out some older songs that remind me of summer fun!

Flex Your Head — May 15, 2007
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Seaweed - Four - In Fairness
Sunset On Broadway - s/t - New Year’s Eve
Champion - Different […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 8, 2007

Not a lot of new stuff this week, but we still had a ton of sweet music to play. Thanks to The Scare as well as Subsistance for hooking us up with their new releases. Check out the podcast if you missed out!

Flex Your Head — May 8, 2007
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The Bouncing […]

Playsheet and podcast: May 1, 2007

Another week came and went by fast! We’d like to thank I For Us, Twelve Stepper, Still Life, and Mad at the World Records for hooking us up here at Flex Your Head. Want to hear what you missed? Here’s the podcast and playsheet.

Flex Your Head — May 1, 2007
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D.B.S. […]