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Archive for August, 2006

Playsheet: August 29, 2006

As always, a huge round of thanks to Steveston Mike for his sweet co-hosting action! Thanks as well to this week’s return visitor, John from By A Thread, for guesting on the show and spinning tracks from By A Thread’s unreleased album.
Cause For Alarm - s/t 7″ EP - Parasite
Turning Point - 1988-1991 - Behind […]

Playsheet: August 22, 2006

Big thanks to Sean O’Leary and John from By A Thread for guesting on the show! Thanks as well to Steveston Mike for co-hosting action!
Poison Idea - Blank Blackout Vacant - Say Goodbye
Channel 3 - The Skinhead Years - Manzanar
Wrecking Crew - Balance of Terror - Straight Through
Have Heart - The Things We Carry - […]

Where the hell did Flex Your Head go?

Damn… where the hell did the old version of Flex Your Head Online go?
Kids, after six or seven long years of providing Flex Your Head as both a weekly radio program and a full-featured online punk/hardcore ‘zine, it’s time to return to simpler roots. Maintaining 1000+ news articles per year, plus reviews, interviews, features, weekly […]

Playsheet: August 15, 2006

Final Conflict - The American Scream - The American Scream
Leatherface - Mush - Not a Day Goes By
The Casualties - Under Attack - Without Warning
Achilles Last Stand - My Precious Decay - In Absolute Silence
The Blue Bloods - Death of a Salesman - Fall From Grace
Hammer Bros. - The Vitality - It Hurts…
Meltdown - s/t […]

Playsheet: August 8, 2006

Crispus Attucks - Destroy The Teacher - Convenience Kills
E.T.A. - No Faith - No Faith
Achilles Last Stand - My Precious Decay - Waste
Victims - Divide and Conquer - Your Life is Red
Discharge - Beginning of the End - They Lie, You Die
Career Suicide - Anthology Vol. Two - It Takes One To Know One
Verse - […]

Playsheet: August 1, 2006

Thanks to regular Flex Your Head contributor Steve for coming in to spin hardcore and hang out.
Genetic Control - “Primitive Air Raid” comp - Suburban Life
Articles of Faith - What We Want Is Free 7″ EP - My Father’s Dreams
Cancer Bats - Birthing the Giant - French Immersion
Second Opinion - Youth Revolt - Jesus Freaks
Panic […]