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Playsheet and podcast: November 13, 2018

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Death Sentence - Stop Killing Me - Danger Zone
The Ramones - Saturday Morning Cartoons greatest Hits - Spider Man
Shook Ones - Body Feel - Should He Be Driving?
Bootlicker - Who Do You Serve? - Torment
Force Majeure - s/t - Darkness
Eteraz - Evil Hardcore - Track 2
Bison - You Are Not The […]

Best of 2012!

So it’s that time of year again! Best of the year time. Read the lists below to see what I was stoked on this past year.
Full Lengths:
Terrible Feelings - Shadows
White Lung - Sorry
Prisoner Abuse - s/t
No Class - II
Boston Strangler - Primitive
Noi!se - Pushing On
Downtown Struts - Victoria!
Harrington Saints - Pride and Tradition
Tragedy - Darker […]

A Fine Boat That Coffin ( Morse Zeichen )

So I’m not sure how I feel about this band name to begin with. On one hand it turns out to be from a German poem by Paul Celan who is a German Jewish writer who survived the holocaust and on the other hand it is a long name that kinda sounds funny when said […]

Boozed ( One Mile )

Hailing from the country of Germany come Boozed. Now judging by the name alone you can bet that these guys love to rock. And on this release they do just that. Having been a band for awhile now and having several releases under their belt they seem to have perfected their sound. Lots of guitar […]

Anchor Arms ( Cold Blooded )

If you have heard of the “Gainesville Sound” before you will know what to expect from this trio from the city with the same name. Although many bands from this area have a similar sound they all have their own unique sound as well. Same for Anchor Arms. They provide us with 9 tracks of […]

Gonzales ( Checkmate )

More rock and roll coming from Chorus Of One Records but this time we hear from an Italian band called Gonzales. Blending a mix of 70’s rock with some faster paced punk from today’s sound and you get one hell of a record. There are a lot of great songs here to choose from but […]

Reaching Hand ( Threshold )

As I first put on this record I was reminded of a Champion style intro which was nice to hear. Shortly after Sofia’s vocals come in and I must admit that the first time I heard them I was a little taken back. I’m not sure if they caught me by surprise because I wasn’t […]

Anti Playax ( Valencia Marca Registrada )

Hailing from Valencia Spain, these guys rip through 17 tracks of political and social fueled punk. They have an early 80’s feel to their sound and can easily have you bopping your head along. The lyrics deal with asshole tourists, police and enviromental issues. All the songs except the Reagan Youth cover are sung in […]

Hear The Sirens ( Rebel Hearts Lost )

Hailing from Livermore California, Hear The Sirens brings you it’s first full length. This record is full of catchy pop punk sing alongs that will leave you with a smile on your face. Thay take heir influences from such bands as Strike Anywhere and Lifetime and you can hear it in their songs. Even the […]

Ill Brigade ( The EP )

Australia’s south coast are represented here with this fine release. 9 tracks of 80’s style hardcore here with a few breakdowns thrown in for good measure. I liked this record a hell of a lot. From the opening track ” NO Rules OK ” right to the cover of Agnostic Front’s ” Victim In Pain […]